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23 & 24, FEB 2024


You know the city. The kind that never loved you back. The kind you could own if you play the game right: have a smoke. make a deal. tell a lie.
The Night Market returns, but this time premiering integrated scenes from the original play that inspired it all, The Prohibition of Lust. 

NOIR Night Market is a unique nightlife concept that brings elements of theater, interactive gameplay, live music, DJ sets, tattoos and cabaret into one cinematic, film-noir stylized fundraiser party. 

Guests are invited to hustle the unforgiving streets of Striker City, while several interwoven stories unfold throughout a labyrinth of motels, speakeasies and brothels. The story is centered around an illegal drug called Lust, a drug that gives its users access to their most authentic desires, free from shame and social pressure. Pure. Raw. Honesty. It changes people. Empowers some, threatens others.  In either case, it's a commodity that everyone wants control of. 

The prohibition goes live Feb 23 & 24
19:00 Säälchen, Holzmarkt 25. Berlin

NOIR: Night Market started as, and continues to be an event to fundraiser for humanitarian and cultural projects we believe in. 100% of our proceeds will be divided among the following:

1) The CADUS medical response mission to Gaza, departing Feb.

2) A rescue campaign to evacuate the family of a Palestinian-born Berlin resident.

3) Production funds for Autumn 2024 premiere of the original play The Prohibition of Lust (the complete story)


NOIR: Nov, 2022

NOIR: Night Market is a 100% volunteer-run fundraising event full of immersive performance, music, art, tattoos and cabaret. With the help of our partners, sponsors, artists and volunteers, we were able to generate 11.5k euro. 100% of the proceeds were used by Berlin to Borders to purchase much-needed generators and transport them directly to several hubs throughout Ukraine.  


Video by Fruit Salad Films

Mark Hunt- Videographer 

Nick Scholey- Videographer

Graphic Design- Christian Guhl


Music composed by

Composed by Jon Whitten

Performed by Andie Junge- Saxophone

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