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As a performance artist, Johnny is known for their boisterous and larger-than-life characters, Johnny Questions expressively navigates the realms of theater and performance art with a dash of charisma and a raised eyebrow. Johnny’s work presents as mere entertainment, often subverting expectations on an unexpected journey through emotional landscapes. Their captivating theatrical characters invite us to revel in the shared essence of being human, connecting us through laughter and camaraderie amidst the common struggle.

Growing up as a queer flamboyant artist in conservative, small-town Oklahoma, Johnny learned at a very young age how to mask the very qualities that shaped their identity with secrecy and charisma. Over time Johnny discovered that judgment and abuse can often be avoided if you start the interaction with a bit of charm and wit, a unique perspective that now informs every aspect of Johnny's artistry. 


As a producer, Johnny brings a wealth of experience in the world of theater, cabaret, circus and dance productions. Through involvement in the various productions as an artist, Johnny has developed a keen understanding of the elements that contribute to a smooth production, including venue logistics, tour management, artist care, rehearsal preparation, tech and performance requirements.

Johnny's exceptional skills and meticulous attention to detail have propelled them into professional roles as a producer, successfully producing a diverse range of performances, such as: Svalbard Company’s award winning show All Genius All Idiot, Cirkus Sid’s circus festival and leadership program New Horizons, Lunacy Berlin’s Weisse Maus. Through their experience and expertise, Johnny has cultivated a reputation for delivering exceptional productions that exceed expectations, resulting in memorable and impactful performances.

For the past three years, Johnny has dedicated themselves to writing and directing their 90-minute debut production, "The Prohibition of Desire" This ambitious undertaking showcases the culmination of their artistic journey, incorporating their vast array of skills as a performance artist and stage producer. Through this captivating theater piece, Johnny aspires to transport, enchant, and challenge audiences, inviting them into a world where laughter and introspection intertwine, offering a deeper understanding of the human condition.


Tel: +49 15163768929


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