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Johnny is a self-taught producer with a wealth of experience in the world of performance art. Through their dedication and hands-on approach, Johnny has honed their craft by working extensively with amateur stage productions, mastering the intricacies required for a successful and seamless production. They have developed a keen understanding of the various elements that contribute to a smooth production, including venue logistics, tour management, artist care, rehearsal preparation, tech and performance requirements. Over time, Johnny's sharp problem-solving skills and commitment to their projects have propelled them into professional roles as a producer. They have successfully produced a diverse range of performances and events, spanning small and large-scale performance art productions, festivals, residencies, retreats and conferences. Each production presented unique challenges and shifting demands, allowing Johnny to adapt and thrive in dynamic environments with a playful spirit and enough energy for the whole team. 


The Palace is an international platform of residencies, festivals, exhibitions & immersive happenings throughout Europe and the US. Johnny is part of a dedicated team of artists and producers to produce an annual residency in Poland that brings 250 international creatives from diverse fields for 10 days of workshops, talks, collaborations, project development, events and showcases created by and for the residents themselves. The residency is an experimental space, engaging with methods and practices of self-organization and abolition. 

Artist Curator & Producer
The Palace Collective

Svalbard Company is an award-winning  contemporary performance company composed of 4 multi- disciplinary artists who gained international recognition with their debut show. “All Genius all Idiot” toured globally in over 30 countries and 4 continents almost 200 times from 2016 to present date.

Over the last two years Johnny has been helping them create and develop highly-immersive, multi-disciplinary experiences in site-specific locations, bringing in international collaborators to create bespoke works of live art in unique spaces.

Svalbard Company

Lunacy Berlin

Lunacy Berlin is a creative events company dedicated to creating high-quality, fully professional and unique experiences, from Berlin's monthly House of Lunacy party at Wilde Renate to Lunacy's immersive dining experience, Weisse Maus. 

Since joining the production team in 2022, Johnny has brought his expertise to help bring immersive dining concepts, weddings, festival entertainment, club events, cabarets, walkabout performances and other experimental events to life.

New Horizons 2022- Cirkus Syd

Centered around the role of circus as a leader on the frontier of cultural change and innovation, the summit seeks to bring together a regional and international community of thinkers and doers shaping our collective future.

How does circus respond to contemporary urgencies, the shifting nature of work, new technologies and renewed questions about the responsibilities and capabilities of art in society? What strategies do some people already implement in their work that offer a glimpse into what the future might hold, and how we can navigate these big questions? 

Lunchbox Candy

Conceived as a safe, queer, sex-positive space, Lunchbox Candy has established itself in the last year as an essential meeting place on the Berlin creative scene.

Since its launch last year, Lunchbox Candy has quietly hatched into one of Berlin’s best-kept secrets.

From the first couple successful events onto the big, genre-unbound communion of souls it has become, there’s no doubt things have gelled in the best possible way, making LbC a new QueenPin amongst Berlin’s top-of-the-range queer events.

NOIR: Night Market- Berlin to Borders

From concept to completion, Johnny led a team to create NOIR: Night Market, a film noir inspired night of immersive theater, cabaret, variety, live music, DJs tattoos, and art exhibitions. This event was 100% volunteer run and coordinated. 100% of proceeds went to Berlin to Borders.  

Johnny was called on to join Berlin to Borders, initially as support in coordinating the donation center and solidarity shop, eventually as the lead in fundraising campaigns and events to help offset the decline in volunteers, donations and overall coverage of the invasion on Ukraine.

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