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Death Drive-In

Alte Münze, Berlin
2023, May

Welcome to Death Drive-In! The campiest heavenly diner around; an existential simulation located in a void. Heralding back to capitalism’s golden days, the piece discusses our current relationship with capitalism, consumer culture and its effects on our nervous systems. As an audience member you will partake in a playful, interactive and contemplative journey inside Alte Münze. The piece is an hour and fifteen minutes long and you will be guided through Alte Münze by your four hostesses with the mostesses, Steven.

Riley Davidson – Director and Performer

Lauri Lohi – Producer and Performer
Fifi Fantome – Performer
Johnny Questions – Performer

Code Name: Paper Plane
Theater Forum, Kreuzberg Berlin
2019, Dec

A comically paranoid mask physical-theater production about espionage in the Cold War.

Monitoring the public from a stale office hidden in the depths of East Berlin, a methodical Stasi intelligence agent finds himself unexpectedly sharing an office with a particularly suspiciously cheerful new colleague. CN:PP goes undercover to reveal an absurdly grotesque depiction of one of the most important periods in Berlin's recent history.

Premier: Theater Forum Kreuzberg, Berlin, 2019
Concept and Director: Mina Tinaburri
Writer, Producer, Asst. Director: Johnny Questions
Actors: Johnny Questions and Charlotte D. Rueter


Adaptation of R Strauss' SALOME.

Performed at ORi Berlin, September 19-22 2019. A production of People in rooms feeling things.

Soprano: Heather Green
Actor/dancer: Johnny Alexander
Actor/dancer: Marcelo Rodrigues
Baritone: Max van Wyck
Glen Sheppard, Concept / Direction / Adaptation / Visuals
Tomas Nordmark, Musical Adaptation and recomposition
Sarah Methner, Stage
Derya Issever, Costumes
Fritz Polzer, Video / Production / Dramaturgy
Tamara Heimbrock, Associate Director

Full documentation upon request -

The immersive performance is set in a mirthless dystopian world. The audience is lured to venture on a quest for joy to explore its various virtues.
In four stages the audience is (mis)guided through different worlds of numb, fake or desperate joy, where performers play with their memories of ecstatic happiness - only to experience such in an extravagant Grande Finale.

Johnny: Interactive Guide

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